Monday, May 20, 2013

A quilt for my littel granddaughter

I started making my granddaughter Nikia a quilt about 6 weeks or so ago, but decided I didn't like the fabrics I was using, so I scrapped it and came up with something more colourful and fun.

Her birthday's in June,and I know there's no chance she'll see this, so I thought I would show you all. I actually quilted in block by block using the fancy stitches in my sewing machine. Never before attempted by me and I am so pleased with the result. And now, looking at it objectively, I need to put a little bird or two on the top and left side of the large flower. Yes, I will do that.

Little David's quilt has taken another step towards completion, with a couple of rows of flying geese done so far. I went with different blues in lights and darks. I'm going to be adding some more colours keep watching this space, lol.

Also working on a new project for Country Threads's the bare bones.....
She's going to be gorgeous. Not sure which issue she will be in, but I will keep you informed.

that's it for now....I have the mother of a cold and am going back to place to be anyway, in this cold and rainy weather.....unfortunately, I think this is a setback which will keep me away from the sewing machine for a few days. :(

Stay safe everyone, in whatever weather you have at your place.

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