Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Not so quiet

All's not so quiet now!
We just had a lovely couple of days away. We went to Ballarat and then down to Portland. Lovely weather too.
The batteries have been recharged....
Have to finish a doll for Country Threads mag, then start on another one for them.
2 UFO's need to be finished, and I want to get them done asap.
I pick up my new GO! Accuquilt cutter today. YAY.....not much work going to be done while I play.
And so I spent a lot of money at Hancocks of Paducah on fabric for projects using my new machine. Mmmmmmm can't wait til they arrive.
What else....what else........oh, I've been avidly watching shows from The Quilt Show online and have learned SO much. Therefore, there are tools and stuff I need to buy.......heheheheeeeeeeee...must haves!!!!!!
Since watching and learning from The Quilt Show, I have been bitten by the quilting bug! I know I've made and designed a few basic quilts, but the 'patchworking' of putting the top together has been...I won't say easy, for it has certainly not been, but let's say I got a handle on some basic stuff and went with it. But the actual quilting motion quilting etc...this I have to learn and can't wait.

 And last but not least today.... My little girl Nikia is in this months Patchwork & Stitching magazine.
This adorable little baby is named for my equally adorable granddaughter Nikia (9now). The only thing that disappoints me about the doll is that I didn't have blue Prisma pencils to colour her eyes, and my Niki has huge eyes that are blue as blue! I'm pretty sure they will both forgive me this latitude, xxxxx

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